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The Importance of Good Design

The home represents independence, security and comfort and it is at the centre of most of our aspirations.  It is not surprising therefore that one of the primary motives for building your own home is the opportunity to design it exactly as you require it.

For most people, building your own home is a once in a lifetime project so it’s important to get the style, layout and structure right first time round – that’s why good design is vital. If you don’t get it right first time then you may find yourself having to undertake costly building work in the future. Considerate, bespoke design is the means of satisfying all the unique factors of your plot and your way of living.

"I needed a special design, for a special plot" - Barry Gordon, Client

What makes a good design?

We believe that a good design is one that satisfies all the needs of those who will live in it and takes account of the site, the planning criteria and the budget. Considerate, intelligent and creative design is the means to achieving your vision and lies at the heart of everything we do.

“Our plot is in the National Park and we needed someone who could design our new home to blend in with the area” - Nick & Jenny Batho, Clients

 What should I look for when choosing my designer?

Choosing the person to design your new home is probably the most important decision you will make. It’s not a job for amateurs so take your time making your choice.

  • A good rapport and able to get on well together
  • A good designer is also a good listener!
  • Good communications
  • Flair, creativity and experience
  • Ability to keep the budget in mind
  • Track record of planning approvals
  • References and examples of the designer’s work
  • Thorough understanding of the Planning system
“Beverley’s interpretation of the design brief was spot on. The design she created was exactly what we were looking for” - Jan and Ian Stansfield, Clients

What should a good designer consider?

  • The plot itself
  • Your aspirations and wish list
  • What you are seeking to achieve
  • Your ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Would Likes’
  • Being creative e.g. additional features/wow factors
  • Meeting the planning requirements
  • A visually appealing building
  • Impact of surrounding buildings
  • Blending the external appearance with the internal layout
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • ‘Buildability’ and Building Regulations compliance
  • Last but not least, your budget
"We loved Beverley's design and were really impressed that she had thought about every aspect of our project including the budget" - Sally and Keith Burgess, Clients

Leading the way in home design

Our Head of Design, Beverley is recognised as one of the nation’s leading house designers with many accolades to her name. She has created hundreds of beautiful homes for our clients and prides herself on successfully negotiating planning permission for the homes our clients want to live in.

She believes passionately in good design and that every detail of your new home should be an expression of your vision and desires, your surroundings, your lifestyle and your budget.

Example designs

To help you understand how the design process works we have shown just three examples of the many individual designs Beverley has created. We have also included extracts from the clients’ design brief. For full details of each example click on the link.

Example 1 – Echoes of New England

Designing for a plot by the sea Click here to view

Example 2 – Cutting edge contemporary design

For a sloping site Click here to view

Example 3 – A pretty cottage for a Conservation Area

Traditional in design Click here to view

The best of both worlds

Incidentally your designer doesn’t need to be an architect, indeed not all architects are skilled house designers. Architects cover a wide range of disciplines and some choose to specialise in areas such as project management or commercial work. A good designer has flair and creativity, things you can’t be taught, they are skills a creative designer is born with. With Design & Materials you get the best of both worlds; Beverley works closely with our architect and this unique combination ensures creative and technical synergy at a level rarely achieved by others.

If you are interested in Beverley designing your new home or want to know more about our unique service, call us on 01909 531 454 or contact us by email. If you are in the very early stages of exploring self-build you may find our Guide to Building Your Individual Home helpful.

The planning process

When you are happy with your design we will prepare and submit the planning application and manage the process on your behalf. We have a proud record of negotiating planning permission for the homes our clients want to live in. See our Home page for more details.

Choosing the right materials to match your design

If design is the expression then materials are the statement. Beverley can create the most inspiring of designs for you but if the choice of materials is not sympathetic and compatible with your design then your new home will never look or feel right.  Our Materials Manager, Dan has over 30 years’ experience of helping clients choose their materials and will patiently guide you through your options and cost them for you.

Quality materials and finishing are things you can’t always touch but you can feel. These choices go far deeper than tactile or visual appeal and create the reassuring ambience that makes a true home; a home that is individual, welcoming, comfortable and relaxing.