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Choosing the right materials to match your design

The overall quality of your new home is largely determined by two factors. Obviously good design is one of these, but of equal importance is your choice of materials. At Design & Materials we recognise the need to carefully match the specification to the design to ensure that each client achieves the quality they are seeking and gets the most from their budget.

Our Materials Manager, Dan Mutti, has been with Design & Materials for over 30 years and has an unrivalled wealth of experience. Choice is the very essence of self-build and Dan, backed up by our experienced team, will patiently guide you through the options to ensure that you make the right choices for your new home. He will take time to explain the merits of each product and calculate the cost implications, to enable you to make informed decisions.

Materials and options covered by our service

Not all of the items listed below will apply to every client and your specification will itemise those materials to be supplied to meet your individual requirements.

Below ground
Structural shell
Roof Structure
Popular Options (You may have others in mind)